Product Introduction 


      The undercarriage part of excavator includes track roller, sprocket, idler , carrier roller and track chain.

      Track roller: this kind of rollers acts as a supporting role, they work between the lower surface of the left /right beams and track chain.  There may be 5 to 10 rollers on each side of the excavator according to the weight of the excavator.

      Sprocket: this part works to drive the track chain. It is fixed on the travel motor and transmits the power of  the travel motor to track chain. There usually is only 1 Sprocket on 1 motor.

      Idler: Idler works to lead the working of track chain. There usually are 2 idlers for 1 excavator. 

     Carrier roller: the function of carrier roller differs according to the weight of the excavator. There usually are 1 to 2 carrier rollers on each side.